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Track Record Is Everything. Here are just a few real estate career highlights from Brian Jaffe.

  • Jaffe Realty, llc represented the buyers on this 66,000 sf acquisition for 25,000,000.00. M1-2 zone. 

    75 Onderdonk Ave, Ridgewood NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC represented both buyers and sellers. In 2017 this site sold for $9,000,000 and then sold through Jaffe Realty in 2018 for $22,750,000.00. The building is 41,000 sf, 1 story with 26,000 sf of land. M1-1 zone. 

    62-25 30th Ave, Woodside, NY
  • This 2 story double ground floor 18,000 sf building was exclusively represented and sold through Jaffe Realty, LLC. This was the 5th deal since 2015 which Jaffe Realty, LLC and the sellers successfully worked together while buying and leasing large industrial buildings and land. The new owner of the building is a tremendous force within the food industry. They intend to use the building for commissary-like use.

    40-05 Skillman Ave, Long Island City NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC exclusively marketed this 15,150 sf one story building with 32′ ceiling height, 2 drive in doors and 3,000 sf of land. This deal was completed directly between Jaffe Realty, the current tenant and landlord on a long term lease. This building shall go through a conversion process for a different use than what it was previously used for; a large factory manufacturing donuts since the ’90s.

    34-12 10th St, Astoria NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC sold this building while representing both sellers and buyers. This one story  10,000 sf corner building consists of two tenants. With extremely strong income the new owners have the opportunity to generate great income while they decide how to use this building for their own business use in the future. This building was on the market as an opened listing to all brokers before it was sold through directly through Jaffe Realty, LLC.

    19-79 Steinway St, Astoria NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC represented both tenant and landlord as an off market deal. The tenant was eagerly looking for a new location while remaining in the Bronx. Their towing business grew when they relocated into this 5,000 sf space.

    849 Edgewater Rd, Bronx NY
  • Exclusively represented by Jaffe Realty, LLC for the landlord, this Prime Location located in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn consisted of 780 sf + a full basement for storage + a beautiful and usable back yard. This space is soon to be the home of a gourmet fine foods and beverage growing business. Once hired and implementing a strong marketing campaign, this space was leased within 3-4 months. 

    274 Court St, Brooklyn NY
  • This space being the first location in NY for tenant, Magna IV Engineering, leased 3,500 sf through Jaffe Realty, LLC which also represented the landlord. This space was leased as an off market deal and was completed within 3 months. Magna IV is a growing business which has locations throughout the USA and aboard. 

    531 Coster St, Bronx NY
  • For the second time, Jaffe Realty, LLC exclusively represented the landlord and did a direct deal with the current tenant, Substance Skate Park. This one story building consists of a 10,500 sf with ceiling height of 18 ft and 2 overhead drive in doors plus a basement changing room with bathrooms & showers. This deal was completed within 3 to 4 months from the date of Jaffe Realty’s marketing campaign. 

    299 Scholes St, Brooklyn NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC represented both landlord and tenant on the leasing of this 10,000 SF, M1-1 zoned warehouse gem.

    235 Coster St, Hunts Point – Bronx NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC represented both landlord and tenant leasing 20,000 SF of M1-1 zoned industrial land for $200,000 PA.

    150 Powells Cove Blvd., Whitestone NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC exclusively represented the sellers breaking a record sale for this immediate location. This warehouse consisted of 9,000 SF and sold for $4,350,000.00.

    32-37 Downing St, Flushing NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC sold this 10,000 SF 1 story warehouse for a record sale of any building larger than 5,000 SF in this immediate area. Sale price was $4,375,000.00. Jaffe Realty, LLC represented the sellers exclusively while securing the buyers. 

    20-16 130th St, College Point NY
  • 12-17 Jackson Ave., Long Island City NY
    4,200 SF Retail lease to Franchise Kumon Learning Center’s new home for 10 years. Jaffe Realty, LLC exclusively represented both landlord & tenant.

    12-17 Jackson Ave Leased
  • 142 18th St, Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY

    4,100 SF Total. Warehouse space servicing the tenant, Aire Ancient Baths from Manhattan. This space is being used for their commercial laundry & storage. Jaffe Realty, LLC represented both tenant & landlord.

    Sunset Park
  • Found a new home at Kaufman Studios for the world famous DJ Premier’s music studio.

    Kaufman Studios – DJ Premier
  • This 23,000 SF warehouse was sold with an M1-1 zone for the purposes of repositioning this asset to retail use.

    Story warehouse sold as a retail repositioned asset. SOLD
  • Industrial portfolio consisting of over 500,000 SF in Jamaica, Queens. SOLD
  • 26,000 SF Industrial Building


    940 Stanley Ave, East New York Brooklyn – SOLD
  • 10,000 SF Residential Development Site

    82 Jefferson St. Brooklyn – SOLD
  • 2500 SF Industrial Building



    129-01 18th Ave College Point – SOLD
  • 5000 SF Industrial Building


    127-11 22nd Ave College Point – SOLD
  • 5000 SF Industrial Building



    127-05 22nd Ave College Point – SOLD
  • Leased twice and Property Manager

    5000 SF Industrial Building

    5000 SF of Land

    2500 SF of Industrial Building



    400-482 Jefferson St, Bushwick Brooklyn – LEASED
  • Leased and Property Manager

    10,000 SF Industrial Building



    305 Scholes St, East Williamsburg Brooklyn – Leased
  • 4250 SF – Retail Space


    40 Wyckoff Ave, Bushwick Brooklyn – LEASED
  • 8000-11000 SF Industrial Building and 2000 SF of Land

    Repositioned asset, retail conversion


    309 Starr St. Bushwick Brooklyn – SOLD
  • 14,000 SF 2nd Floor Offices

    75-11 31st Ave, East Elmhurst – LEASED
  • 19,000 SF double ground floor Industrial Building


    40-05 Skillman Ave, Long Island City NY – SOLD