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Track Record Is Everything. Here are just a few real estate career highlights from Brian Jaffe.

  • Jaffe Realty, LLC represented both landlord and tenant on the leasing of this 10,000 SF, M1-1 zoned warehouse gem.

    235 Coster St, Hunts Point – Bronx NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC represented both landlord and tenant leasing 20,000 SF of M1-1 zoned industrial land for $200,000 PA.

    150 Powells Cove Blvd., Whitestone NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC exclusively represented the sellers breaking a record sale for this immediate location. This warehouse consisted of 9,000 SF and sold for $4,350,000.00.

    32-37 Downing St, Flushing NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC sold this 10,000 SF 1 story warehouse for a record sale of any building larger than 5,000 SF in this immediate area. Sale price was $4,375,000.00. Jaffe Realty, LLC represented the sellers exclusively while securing the buyers. 

    20-16 130th St, College Point NY
  • Jaffe Realty, LLC represented both buyer and seller. This site sold in 2017 for $9,000,000 and through Jaffe Realty again in 2018 for $22,750,000

    41,000 sf 1 story warehouse

    26,000 sf of land

    M1-1 zone

    62-25 30th Ave, Woodside NY
  • 12-17 Jackson Ave., Long Island City NY
    4,200 SF Retail lease to Franchise Kumon Learning Center’s new home for 10 years. Jaffe Realty, LLC exclusively represented both landlord & tenant.

    12-17 Jackson Ave Leased
  • 142 18th St, Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY

    4,100 SF Total. Warehouse space servicing the tenant, Aire Ancient Baths from Manhattan. This space is being used for their commercial laundry & storage. Jaffe Realty, LLC represented both tenant & landlord.

    Sunset Park
  • Found a new home at Kaufman Studios for the world famous DJ Premier’s music studio.

    Kaufman Studios – DJ Premier
  • This 23,000 SF warehouse was sold with an M1-1 zone for the purposes of repositioning this asset to retail use.

    Story warehouse sold as a retail repositioned asset. SOLD
  • Industrial portfolio consisting of over 500,000 SF in Jamaica, Queens. SOLD
  • 26,000 SF Industrial Building


    940 Stanley Ave, East New York Brooklyn – SOLD
  • 10,000 SF Residential Development Site

    82 Jefferson St. Brooklyn – SOLD
  • 2500 SF Industrial Building



    129-01 18th Ave College Point – SOLD
  • 5000 SF Industrial Building


    127-11 22nd Ave College Point – SOLD
  • 5000 SF Industrial Building



    127-05 22nd Ave College Point – SOLD
  • Leased twice and Property Manager

    5000 SF Industrial Building

    5000 SF of Land

    2500 SF of Industrial Building



    400-482 Jefferson St, Bushwick Brooklyn – LEASED
  • Leased and Property Manager

    10,000 SF Industrial Building



    305 Scholes St, East Williamsburg Brooklyn – Leased
  • 4250 SF – Retail Space


    40 Wyckoff Ave, Bushwick Brooklyn – LEASED
  • 8000-11000 SF Industrial Building and 2000 SF of Land

    Repositioned asset, retail conversion


    309 Starr St. Bushwick Brooklyn – SOLD
  • 14,000 SF 2nd Floor Offices

    75-11 31st Ave, East Elmhurst – LEASED
  • 19,000 SF double ground floor Industrial Building


    40-05 Skillman Ave, Long Island City NY – SOLD